The Night Before Christmas Salad

The Night Before Christmas Salad

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Read part 1. Practical tips for growing leeks

So how do you eat leeks? And just like onions, i.e. added to the first and second courses, they can be sprinkled with herring and potatoes, even boiled, even fried, it, cut into rings, can be served as an independent side dish for meat and fish or as an addition to any vegetable side dish.

Leek is indispensable for decorating dishes before serving on the festive table. But it's best to use it fresh in a variety of salads. As an example, I would like to bring to your attention a salad that I make during the Christmas Lent. My family called it “Christmas Eve”.

The Night Before Christmas Salad

You will need:
small carrots 1 pc.,
kohlrabi cabbage 1 pc.,
broccoli cabbage 1 pc.,
white radish or daikon 1 pc.,
sour apple 1 pc,
1/4 celery root,
leek 1 pc.,
1 handful of cranberries
half a lemon
1 can of pitted black olives,
1 bunch of greens
1 tbsp. a spoonful of peeled sunflower seeds,
2 tbsp. tablespoons of linseed oil.

Wash the carrots thoroughly with a brush, cut off the ends, peel the celery root, radish and kohlrabi, remove the middle from the apple. Grate all this on a coarse grater, and best of all on a grater that is used to make Korean-style carrots. Put the grated vegetables in a large bowl. Add seeds, olives and cranberries. Disassemble the broccoli into inflorescences and add to the salad. Rinse the leeks thoroughly (there may be earth in the leaf axils).

Cut off the sluggish leaves, cut the white stem into rings, disassemble the rings, chop the green leaves finely too. Do the same with greens. Pour everything into a bowl and mix well. Put in a salad bowl. Season with oil and lemon juice before serving.

P.S. For gourmets, I will add that grape seed oil and a few drops of an aqueous solution of vitamin D make this salad especially useful.

Lyudmila Romanikhina, gardener

Scenario on New Year's holidays for a friendly company of adults based on "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", "The Night Before Christmas" 18+

Description: the script program is designed for 3-4 hours (including pauses at the feast) in a friendly company of adults, 18+. With the participation of the Mouse - the symbol of the outgoing Year. Music accompanying 41 files. The number of participants is from 6 people. Roles can be played by the same guests while dressing up.

Roles and costumes:
1. Solokha - she is the host
2. The devil is her husband
3. Vakula - any man
4. Oksana - one of the men (in a wig with 2 braids)
5. Queen of the Year - Mouse
6. Chub - a man with a forelock
7. Lad 1 (if there are few guests, then he is Chub)
8. Clerk (in a black cassock)
9.Lad 2 (if there are few guests, then he is the Deacon)
10. Santa Claus (man)
11. Snow Maiden (also a disguised man)

All the same participants can change if there are few guests.


(Leading in the role of Solokha. Goes out to the guests. Dress - a colored sundress in the Ukrainian folk style, a scarf on the head, tied in a knot on the forehead. Under the sundress is a white blouse with wide sleeves. Red boots (if there are no boots, red shoes or knitted socks)) ...

Leading (Solokha):
- Good evening, sir! How many guests came to Solokha!
(to the side)
“I don’t have so many bags to hide everyone!”
Eeeh, to hell with the bags! Especially if they are under the eyes)

- Look out the window! What a wonderful starry evening. New Year has come, Christmas is coming soon, which means that it's time to play around, fool around, tell fortunes, sing a good song!

And our wonderful tale begins ...

Track 01. Loboda - Superstar (ringtone)

Oksana comes out with a mirror in her hands, admiring herself. Singing along: "Star, superstar!" ...

- Well, why does everyone say that I'm good? People lie, what good is that upturned nose? And in those cheeks? And in these (holding his chest). Oh, however, how good I am! People don’t lie, damn good!
- Rich suitors are coming to me to marry! And I don't want to get married! All lads are like lads, and I'm a superstar! I will ask them such a task that they could not complete it!
- And here they are!

(Three suitors come out, dressed as men of the Cossacks, one of them is Vakula, they show muscles on their arms and legs, they twist, someone opens their shirt and bares their hairy chest).

Brutal music. Track 02.

1 groom:
- Well, Oksana, will you go for me? I'll write you 50% of Gazprom shares!

2 groom:
- No, she will marry me, I have a new gelding in front of the windows, and I will give Lexus to Oksanka!

3 groom - Vakula:
- Oksana, marry me! I will just love you! Is free!

- Look what, I wanted it for free! (laughs)

Track 03. I will not give or ask.

- I really need your shares, yes Lexus. Father will buy me better. But to get louboutins, in which the queen of the year will be at the New Year's ball - this is a dream! That's who the king's louboutins will get - for that and I will marry!

Track 04. On louboutins and in ooh ... s pants


COMPETITION: "Start a car"



Solokha comes out, with a bottle of vodka, as if he is busy at the table. Music playing: Track 14. Even if you are a little over 30.

(Someone knocks on the door and walks in. It's Damn.)

- It's me, Damn. Solokha, are you accepting guests?

Solokha (flirting):
- But how, but how, not to receive a dear guest.

- Do you have a drink, madam?

- For such a guest, nothing is a pity. (pulls out from under the table a huge bottle of moonshine, the devil drinks a glass, grows bolder, begins to pester Solokha).

Track 15 is playing. You baba bomb

(here you can make an extra pause for a meal and a drink.)

Solokha (surprised):
- How sho? Tits it! (begins to sing to the soundtrack):

Track 16. And the whole world does not yet know which lady is missing ...

Then the clerk sings:
Track 17. I want you love

(begins to dance a lezginka in a cassock, lifting the hem of her skirt in the dance)

(After a pause, someone knocks on the door. It was Vakula who came.)

- Mother, open it, this is your son, Vakula!

(Solokha runs around the room in fright, Chub also rushes about. Solokha puts Chub in the bag, where the Sexton is already sitting, on his shoulders. Vakula enters.)

(Solokha sits at the table, as if nothing had happened, drinks moonshine in splendid isolation, plays a melody, Solokha improvises):

Track 20. No husband, no husband ...

Vakula: (walks in sad)
- Mother, what are the bags here? (kicks one of them, a scream comes out of the bag: Oh-oh-oh!)

- Son, and sho is so sad?

Track 21 is playing. Her smile, mother, the most, the most ...

(The Mouse in the Crown comes out. Track 24. Everything is going according to plan)

Vakula gets off the line. The devil wants to slip away, but Vakula says:
- Where to? I haven't thanked you yet!

(He takes a stick or a broom and begins, pretend of course, to beat the devil, the devil runs away from the room).

Oksana comes out. She is again with a mirror, preening herself.

Track 27. Very pretty, very dumb.




Solokha (presenter):
- We ate, drank, accumulated bacon. It's time to shake him up!
Ayda, witches, sing ditties with Solokha! (gives out leaflets with ditties to women).

Track 34 is playing - Chastooshkas of Babok-Yozhek (minus) - only 8 chastooshkas.




Track 40 is playing. A Christmas tree was born in the forest (minus).

Santa Claus comes out singing a song-alteration to this tune:

Verse 1:
A calf was born in the barn,
She grew up in the barn.
On the New Year's tree
She came to us today. (shows a stick of sausage)

Comic song-miniature in the Comedy Club style about the Snow Maiden (18+)

Santa Claus sings without music, you can even just poetry. If he knows how to play a guitar - great.


This was an introduction to the script. To purchase the full version of the script with music tracks 41 pcs. go to the shopping cart. After payment, the material will become available for download via the link from the letter that will come to you by e-mail.

On this night, the Earth was in excitement:
The shine of a great, outlandish star
Suddenly he blinded the mountains and villages,
Cities, deserts and gardens.

And in the desert lionesses watched,
How, full of wondrous gifts,
Chariots moved silently,
Camels and elephants were important.

And in the brow of a large caravan,
Gazing into the sky,
Three wise men in intricate turbans
We drove to someone to bow.

And in a cave where they did not go out all night
Flashing and smoking torches
There the lambs were seen in the manger
Sleeping beautiful Child.

That night, the whole thing was in excitement,
Birds sang in the midnight darkness
Proclaiming good pleasure to all,
The onset of peace on earth.

How to tell fortunes in the name of a guy

No less popular divination for Christmas is divination in the name. To do this, you need to take many small pieces of paper, on each of which you will write the names of young men you know. Now mix the leaves and put them under the pillow, and in the morning take out just one piece of paper with the name. Whichever name comes across, the name of the betrothed will be.

For the next way to find out the name of the future betrothed, you will not need any adaptations, just go out on a deserted street, or even better at an intersection at midnight or late in the evening and ask the name of the first person you meet. Your fiancé will also be called.

Green onions

The most unpretentious vegetable. You can grow some greens for dinner even if the side is not sunny. Take a small onion with a good root cup, cut the top off, and stick it into damp soil. The very next day you will notice the growth of green feathers, and after another week you can eat them. Even a rotten or soft bulb will sprout, but still you should not take these for seedlings.

Raw, stewed, or boiled vegetables

The best dinner, perhaps, is to recognize vegetables both raw and cooked - this is already the most important ingredient in the menu of a healthy person, and even for a late meal, they are generally ideal. Leafy salad, vegetable stew, grilled vegetables, boiled, stewed and baked, and even vegetable soup and squash caviar are options for a healthy evening snack, from which you will not only not get fat, but even start losing weight - a lot!

Vegetables are low in calories, rich in useful fiber and vitamins, normalize the intestinal flora, have a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, promote fat burning and strengthen immunity, remove toxins - their benefits can hardly be overestimated.

Of course, if you care about your figure, it is better to give preference to greens in any quantities and combinations. leafy (lettuce, spinach) and non-starchy (cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, celery) vegetables. You are unlikely to eat more than 100 calories per serving here.

With an eye on the calorie content for dinner, you can also afford zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant, potatoes, carrots and beets - of course, without oil and not fried. The most "dangerous" for an evening snack will be legumes and grains, which are heavy for a late meal, but they will not do much harm if they are not consumed daily and in reasonable doses.


Foto: Shutterstock

For a long time, the night before Christmas was considered special. At this time, the Universe responds to any requests and shows those who wish their future. Our ancestors tried to conduct at least one fortune-telling in order to find out the fate and get the opportunity to change it.

Evening and night are considered the most suitable for fortune-telling - they say, you can guess only before the first roosters and only on the eve of the holidays, this was due to the fact that the festive church service expels demons, so their help should be sought the day before.

Fortune telling at Christmas time is an ancient tradition. In addition to the natural desire to know what is hidden, the sacrament of Christmas divination is very spectacular and exciting, and sometimes frightening and frightening.

Christmastide lasts from January 7 to January 19: if you did not have time to tell fortunes on Christmas night, when magic sessions are most powerful, you will have almost two more weeks at your disposal when you can conduct Christmas fortune-telling.

Fortune-telling on Christmas time is very popular among young girls and families - the first want to know the name of the future groom or the date of their wedding, and family ladies are wondering about the wealth in the house.

As a rule, on the night before Christmas, young girls wondered in order to find out their fate, to see the future groom and to find out how life would be in marriage.

Crab salad with cucumber, rice, corn, egg. Step by step recipe with photo

To prepare the salad, we need:

  • 200 grams of crab sticks
  • 200 grams of boiled rice
  • 5 boiled eggs
  • 2 fresh cucumbers
  • 1 can of corn (340 grams)
  • bunch of green onions
  • mayonnaise
  • salt to taste
  • greens optional (dill, parsley)

Here is my set of products. True, I boiled eggs with a margin, since I was still going to make a salad with pineapple.

Cucumbers in winter are certainly not the same as in summer. Bought at the supermarket. But, it is better to do without cucumbers, as for me, although before the New Year in the supermarket, people only took that fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, fruits are different.

Cut the crab sticks into cubes. I cut into small cubes. I also cut the cucumber into cubes, which I have peeled. I cut one cucumber into the salad.

I bought the eggs from the village. They are better and tastier, we have been trying recently to buy village eggs from friends. I boiled eggs for the salad. Chilled and cleaned. And so that the eggs are better cleaned, you need to add a teaspoon of salt to the water in which the eggs are boiled. My mother-in-law taught me that.

I really forgot to do this, and since the eggs were fresh, they were poorly cleaned. I fill the eggs with cold water when they are cooked, but apparently that did not help either.

I cut the eggs into small cubes and add to the rest of the ingredients. You can do this with an egg cutter, or with an ordinary knife.

The rest is simple. She opened the canned corn and drained the liquid. Once a friend told me that they were going to celebrate the New Year with a company, she distributed to all the girls who cooks what.

In general, Larisa made a crab salad, but she did not completely drain the liquid from canned corn, so she poured it into the salad, and then added mayonnaise as well. There was a lot of water in the salad. For what Larisa got from my friend. Here's a story.

And then I add canned corn, finely chopped green onions, and boiled rice.

How to boil rice for crab salad?I boiled rice "Jasmine". It is very tasty, I like it more than usual, but you can take regular round or long rice.

I boil rice in a large amount of a little salted water. I try to boil the rice so that it is not boiled, we can say that I do not even boil it a little. I wash the rice with cold water.

We mix everything. It is better to add mayonnaise not immediately. We pour a portion of salad, season with mayonnaise. In general, I seasoned a portion of salad with mayonnaise. And I cover the rest of the salad and put it in the refrigerator.

We use homemade mayonnaise, but this is not necessary. Not every housewife can make homemade mayonnaise, although, in my opinion, it’s as easy as shelling pears. The recipe can be found in the article "Recipes for making homemade mayonnaise with photos." There Anatoly and I share several different recipes.

How long should crab salad be kept in the refrigerator?If the salad is not seasoned with mayonnaise, then it can be stored for 2 days. But, the seasoned salad is not more than a day, and in an amicable way it cannot be stored at all. I dress the salad just before serving.

In the background, I have just the second salad, for which I canned cauliflower in the fall. The salad is light, tender and also very tasty. Salad with pineapple, cauliflower, corn, eggs. A step-by-step recipe with photos can be found in the article "Salad with pineapple and corn".

For some reason, children like crab bacon more than Olivier salad. Now I make Olivier only with chicken breast.True, this year we had New Years without the traditional Olivier salad. I want something unusual, one of these unusual salads that I liked is a salad with red fish. The salad recipe in the article "Salad with red fish". The recipe is also with step by step photos.

Other crab salad recipes.My friend, for example, cook crab salad a little differently. But, each has its own "proprietary" recipe. The recipe is as follows. Cut 200 grams of crab sticks into cubes. Also cut 5 boiled eggs into cubes, cut onions into cubes and marinate in a solution of vinegar, salt, sugar for 20 minutes. Drain the liquid from the onion. Grate 2 melted cheese curds on a coarse grater into the salad. Season the salad with mayonnaise. Here's a recipe.

But our godfathers prepare crab salad with Chinese cabbage. Corn, crab sticks, eggs, Chinese cabbage and greens. Season with mayonnaise and everything is also fast, simple and tasty.

How do you prepare a salad with crab sticks? Share below in the comments. It is very interesting to try new recipes.

Watch the video: Twas the night before Christmas Eve Italian Style