Why design for vulnerable landscapes

Why design for vulnerable landscapes

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With the support of the Global Environment Facility and the commitment of Chanel as anchor investor, the fund is ready to rally more institutions to invest in a resilient future. The new fund is an independent non-profit foundation under Swiss law and is driven by the objective to generate the maximum possible level of environmental and social impact. The LRF aims to mobilize USD million by for climate adaptation projects that support more sustainable agricultural and forestry supply chains and that protect smallholder farmers in developing countries. They play a critical role in ensuring the resilience of corporate value chains against external shocks.

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  • Approaches for identifying heat-vulnerable populations and locations: A systematic review
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  • Design Dilemma: Ecological Improvements in Coastal Land Reclamation
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Sliced Ecosystem: Modelling Transects of Vulnerable Marine Landscapes

This item is part of: Boarin, P. Rethinking Sustainable Pacific Rim Territories. ISBN:Given the rise of natural disasters, post-disaster reconstruction plays an essential role in forming resilient communities. However, among the multiple post-disaster reconstruction processes, temporary housing had been ignored by most post-disaster reconstruction practitioners.

The Typhoon Morakot post-disaster management process was no exception. Therefore, this study uses literature research, interviews, and a time-series questionnaire to understand the temporary housing policy, stakeholders' opinions associated with the post-disaster management process, and the temporary shelter and housing living satisfaction trends.

Two typhoon-affected indigenous communities located in southern Taiwan were selected as case studies owing to similarities in their social structure and conditions. Findings from this research shows that past experience and collaborating NGO might be the principal factors that influence the decision making on temporary housing policy. Moreover, an ideal environment and location for temporary housing are essential for living satisfaction.

Finally, this research suggests an ideal pre-established policy, community-centered considerations, and spatial design are crucial for the future of temporary shelter and housing programs. Explore more content. Vulnerable Resilient and Climate Justice Communities: A policy and satisfaction evaluation of post-disaster temporary housing.

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Approaches for identifying heat-vulnerable populations and locations: A systematic review

Vulnerable communities are those whose location puts them at special risk from the effects of climate change. These include settlements along coastlines and inland waterways that are at risk from flooding and sea-level rise, as well as communities at risk from increased drought, higher temperatures, and wildfires. Further, special attention needs to be paid to underserved and low-income communities that have fewer resources and face other barriers to accessing resilience and adaptation solutions. These communities typically lack the community and economic amenities that are promoted in smart growth strategies, and many already suffer adverse health impacts from proximity to industry and degraded environments. Design and Planning Solutions Proactively address equitable access to transportation options, affordable housing, jobs, and recreation and open space.

L.I.F.E. Landscape: A Co-created Healing Environment for Vulnerable Maasai Youth My thesis project focuses on co-creating a design for a children's home.

Re-Charting Places @ Designs for Vulnerable Memories

Sign up. The project Urban Belonging investigates how people perceive, experience, and attach themselves to the city of Copenhagen. Kiosks that are now being deployed across the US. Cutting through the heart of San Francisco, Market Street is a 4. A transit corridor that unites the many districts in its path, it provides a common reference to mo. Gehl is committed to making cities, neighbourhoods and places where people have control over their health and wellbeing, and are enabled to take meaningful, climate conscious decisions within their daily lives. Our work crosses the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape design and city planning. We have been researching quality of life in public spaces, around the world, for over 40 years.

Design Dilemma: Ecological Improvements in Coastal Land Reclamation

The presentation will discuss the environmental factors that affect the visibility of offshore wind farms […]. Read more ». From planning and designing them to walking, pedaling, and paddling EDR is a firm full of trail enthusiasts! Check out some of our favorite resources to find a trail near you!

The Open Web Application Security Project OWASP is a non-profit organization founded in , with the goal of helping website owners and security experts protect web applications from cyber attacks. OWASP has 32, volunteers around the world who perform security assessments and research.

An organic landscape for vulnerable Egyptians

As social and political contexts around places with a public meaning change, controversies often arise. Debates surrounding the future of these places are characterized by conflict, and opposing voices and claims with stasis hampering debates, resulting in impasse. The possibility to look at these places under a new light is the gateway to meaningful processes of re-signification of their wider public meaning, too. To facilitate decisive new gazes and outlooks on such places, Hybrid Space Lab relies on a broad range of detachment and crossover strategies, combining the digital and the physical into eye-opening solutions. Editors: Cristina F. European cultural heritage is inherently complex and layered.

APRU Sustainable Cities & Landscapes Live Webinar Series

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we face an urgency to reimagine our central political values, questioning what autonomy and governance mean and might mean. Theorizing fashion and clothing might be a surprisingly relevant exercise in this manner, situating cultural practices into the relational space of planetary metabolic multitude. Courtesy of Marine Serre. In this video, we encounter 3D renders of virtual models outfitted in tailored upcycled clothing and aestheticized protective gear—especially face masks—situated in the post-apocalyptic landscape of Paris. One of them is collecting flowers, another one is walking a dog, a third one sits on a checked fabric: first making a picnic on it and then wrapping it as a dress. The landscape burns, the air feels toxic, yet these rendered beings do not cease to make a fashion statement in the decaying world.

Sustainable cities and landscapes in the Pacific Rim; Smart Cities, urban design and place-making; Vulnerable communities and climate.

Paul Friedberg. One of the celebrated landscape architects who introduced Modernism to the design of outdoor space, Friedberg will discuss how he turned sometimes limited public spaces into places of activity and community. Establishing his practice in , he pioneered in the design of innovative plazas, main-street malls, and playgrounds.

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Guide the flood : Miami vulnerable neighborhoods flood adaptation design. Zhe Zhao Follow. When it comes to the future of Miami, what else could be instead of waiting to be swallowed by the sea? This thesis starts with a group pre-research on different aspects related to the rising up sea-level in Miami.

Select your region to visit a Stantec regional site, or visit our Locations Hub on our Global site where you can learn more about Stantec in your local area.

Japan is now experiencing a drastic change of paradigm. However, despite of these major transitions, there is little knowledge in philosophy, technology and methodology that are fundamental for conserving and reproducing the beautiful yet vulnerable landscape of Japan. The mission of the Environmental Planning and Design Laboratory at Kyushu University is to study how to bring a harmony between civil engineering structures and nature, find a design to reconcile with the local culture, make the citizen's opinions workable in social infrastructure, and find necessary regulations and rules to protect mountains and countries from excessive development in order to preserve, enhance, restore and create the beautiful landscape of ours. Akihiko Higuchi. Home Access Contacts Japanese. Message from Dean.

Over the past few days, normal life at Harvard has been upended by government, university, community, and business responses to COVID What role do planning and design have in this kind of pandemic? Until there is a vaccine—which is expected to be 6 to 18 months away—or a large number of people have been infected and develop immunity, infection rates will be high.

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